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In 1978, like many young adults in the Northwest, Anthony chose to supplement his income by fishing in Alaska a few months a year. "I quit in 1989, after using up four of my nine lives. I got washed overboard four times in 11 years. Twice the crew fished me out, and twice waves threw me back on board. I figured my luck was close of running out."

A fishing buddy from Long Beach invited Tony home with him "about a year before I gave up fishing." Anthony moved to the Long Beach Peninsula with his wife, Liz whom he met in Alaska, as quickly as he could.

While working in a Warrenton, Oregon, jewelry shop just across the state line, Anthony saw the opportunity to open his own business and he took it. "I've never regretted it."

"I look at things as design, sand imprints, wind patterns, the way it moves and bends the grass, all of it influences my jewelry."

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