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In 1970, as an adolescent, Anthony Garzino found employment as a Iewelers Apprenttice for Allen Green In Laguna Beach California. "I started when I was 16 by cutting stones, mostly turquoise, opal, and lapis lazuli - maklng Indian jewelry which was really popular at the time"

A year later Green died and Anthony found work in a large wholesale trade shop, whose clients for skilled repalr work Included Tiffany's. "Mueller's was an European-style shop, and they took tremendous pride in their work." It was Mueller's pride that brought their demise. Unwilllng to sacrifice quality craftsmanship for quantity they broke shop in the United States and the German craftsmen relocated back to Europe.

At the invitation of an acquaintance, the 20 year old Anthony Garzino found himself relocating from California to Sequim, WA. "I fell In love with the Pacific Northwest right away, where the green was really green."

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